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Including text and photo editing, cover design, layout, all technical prepress work and finding a good printer. Quality services at very reasonable prices. Simple books to complex academic books with bibliographies, footnotes, tables of contents, indices. Proofs and delivery to your door. Briar will do everything in collaboration with you. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want to be. Print runs from 50 to 1000s. Print in NZ or anywhere in the world.

These books can be converted into e-books.

Illustrations are usually provided by the client


40 pages: A4

The story of a neglected Old Truck that is restored to new life. For children aged 5-10.



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Poetry Book, A5.

76 pages of haiku poetry with 13 colour plates

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Children's book, 84 pages, for ages 9+ with colour illustrations and 8 engagingly told stories

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142 pages. A pastor's wife reflects on her friendship with God through life's ups and downs

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118 pages with illustrations. Travellers tales by a woman who whizzes round the world having supernatural Christian adventures

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68 pages with colour and b/w illustrations. A converted surfie and drug user turned Christian, reflecting on life

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312 pages

Also online as a Kindle ebook & available as an epub and pdf


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132 pages:

Poetry anthology (NZ Poetry Society)



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114 pages with photos: A5

The life of a drug addict and violent offender, and his encounter with God in prison

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174 pages/A5

A pastor shares his experiences and adventures with the Holy Spirit

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144 pages:

God has a mother's heart. Theology and reflection. A5.

For international distribution.

Cover Design by JordanCreative

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88 pages, A5

24 short stories

of little miracles in the lives of everyday people.

Cover design by Tania Lee



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40 pp. A4
Dad blows up the old cowshed to make way for a modern one.


Entertaining & delightfully illustrated Kiwi farm stories


Tales from the Farm Publications

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A5, 60 pages/56 photos.
A highly readable account of the first 40 years of Staglands,
a popular Wellington wildlife reserve.

(Cover design
by Staglands)

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A 328-page genealogy,
with 160 photos, genealogical charts & maps, appendices, bibliography and index.

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Bantam Billy:
A son's account of his Communist father's life - adapted from a National Radio documentary.
28 pages.

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A 126-page national anthology of poetry in the Japanese haiku style - on textured cream paper. Nominated by the clients for a design award

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Academic Book:

290 pages for a Japanese Professor of Physics - in English. Many diagrams and photos. Complete re-write needed.

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176 pages of text and photos (heavy editing needed). Adventurous Xtian life of a South Island Kiwi couple.

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Academic book:

285-pages with diagrams and index.



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Recipe Book

A 117 page book of recipes for a church fundraiser

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