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Responsive websites

Google is now requiring all websites to be mobile-friendly, that is, readable on all mobile devices without "pinching and zooming." This new mobile-friendly format is called "responsive." Sites that are not mobile-friendly/responsive are now being penalised, falling significantly in google search results made using those devices.

Words and Design creates responsive websites and can convert personal and small business sites from static to responsive for you.

Words and Design creates sites ranging from the basic 2-3 pages with email, to more complex sites with video, photo galleries, audio, forms, e-books, pdf documents, surveys, live activity calendars, Paypal, RSS feeds. This includes web-host and domain name setup and search engine optimisation. Words and Design does not attempt sites needing extensive server-side support

Words&Design has created and maintains the following:

How to I find someone to make me a website in Lower Hutt

A mobile-friendly (responsive) website presenting the services of a Lower Hutt business, Briar's Books, that offers services to DIY authors who don't want to go the traditional publishing route.

sest up a mobile-friendly website for your small to medium businesses, Lower Hutt

A mobile-friendly (responsive) website describing a scientist's discovery that God's "signature" appears in every human cell if the 21 Amino Acids coded for by DNA are converted to Hebrew characters

convert your old static website to a mobile-friendly one, Lower Hutt

Accounts and photos of a couple's 3 month trip around France with their bikes and trailers, and of many other trips within New Zealand

Words and Design, Lower Hutt for mobile-friendly websites services to small businesses

A mobile-friendly (responsive) site featuring a book for download in different digital formats and ways to order a printed version using PAYPAL.

website design, Lower Hutt

A text-rich 14 page site with many photos, really a book in web form - each chapter a web page

convert your website to mobile-friendly Lower Hutt

A mobile-friendly (responsive) scientific site with search function, RSS feeds, downloadable pdf and epub e-books, articles, and research findings on homosexuality

Lower Hutt for responsive websites, converting static websites to mobile-friendly

A small mobile-friendly site carrying many original bagpipe tunes and pdf manuscripts for lovers of the Great Highland Bagpipe

website design, building mobile-friendly websites, Lower Hutt

A straightforward 13 page site with contact form, web and email links, articles and personal accounts

attractive mobile-friendly websites for small businesses Lower Hutt

Carrying about 100 herbal products, PayPal, regular newsletter and contact forms. (Now made mobile-friendly for free by an IT-whizz in the manager's family)

mobile friendly, responsive websites for small businesses, Lower Hutt

A mobile-friendly (responsive) website for a Kiwi based company distributing in NZ and overseas: multi-page site with image rotator, maps, contact form, testimonials and agent contact info

 mobile-friendly websites for local businesses, Lower Hutt

A multi-page video-rich site describing the work of a Japanese earthquake scientist, featuring an academic book and an illustrated children's e-book. Videos created from provided raw video footage

responsive website design for small to medium businesses, Lower Hutt

Multi-page site introducing a NZ publishing company and their range of children's books for 5-10 year olds, carrying contact form, links, video, and PAYPAL

website design, personal and small business websites, Lower Hutt

A site set up to collect survey responses to the Christchurch earthquakes and to present an evaluation of precursor data


 website design, with search engine optimisation, for personal and small businesses, Lower Hutt

Basic site with email, contact form, links, and general information for a Christchurch distributor of machine parts

 mobile friendly websites for personal and small business websites, Lower Hutt

Presenting the work of a Lower Hutt based graphic designer

Lower Hutt for design of personal and small business websites



Website for a Kindergarten: multi-page/live activities calendar, downloadable forms/newsletters etc., for parents, and photo gallery of children's special events

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