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Convert old vinyl, video and audio to modern digital formats

Home video to DVD or mpg2/mp4 | Vinyl to CD or mp3 | Audio cassettes to mp3

Old video tape from the eighties and nineties MUST be converted to digital formats if precious home videos are to survive. Tape deteriorates and players are increasingly hard to get hold of.
Old audio cassettes are in the same category.

Clients often ask for this work to be done as gifts for family members.

We handle the following video types


VHS and VHS-C (Compact)

Convert VHS and VHS-C video to modern digital formats

Many home videos were recorded on VHS (Video Home System) camcorders that came on the market in the 1970s & 1980s and most homes had a VHS player. Compact (VHS-C) tapes were also popular. Conversion to digital format is imperative if the content is to be saved.

MINI DV (digital-video) TAPES

Convert mini-DV tape to modern movie formats Protect your old home videos

Mini DV camcorders arrived on the scene in 1995 replacing the larger VHS cameras and becoming the de facto standard for home video production. These mini-dvs also need converting to digital if you want to be sure about saving their content.

Video8/Hi8 VIDEO

Convert your old Hi8 video to digital formats

These camcorders showed up in the late 80s as a consumer and pro-sumer product. At present this service can be offered only to clients who bring their still-functional Video8 or Hi8 camera with them.


As long as clients can bring their camera with them, there is an even chance that video can be captured from these devices and converted to digital using an analog to firewire converter.

What can you expect from your VHS tape conversion?

VHS tapes are at risk after about 15 years even if they haven't been played for most of that time. Deterioration of the magnetic signal can result in loss of colour and quality as the binder that holds the magnetic particles to the polyester base on the tape decays. Other factors are the quality of the original tape, whether the tape is a copy of another VHS tape, and the conditions in which the VHS video has been stored. Some VHS video comes off very well even after 15 years. Mini DV tapes and Video8/Hi8 tapes generally fare better than VHS tapes. Whatever, you can expect the digital copy to faithfully reflect the current quality of the analog tape. Go here to learn more about VHS to digital conversion.


We will also convert between a large range of digital video formats for special requirements.
Also, Go here if you want existing video edited.


Most clients are happy to take their home-videos out to garden-variety DVDs available in city stationery stores. Verbatim is a label with a good reputation - at the moment. On average they may keep your data safe and playable on DVD-players for about 10 years. M-discs (Blue Ray and Standard DVDs) have been rigorously tested and are agreed to have between 100 and 1000 years of life, but they are expensive and a supply chain has to be found. External Hard drives and solid state drives are popular for storage of digital video and reliable in the short-term. They may last a decade or two if stored unused - maybe 3-4 years if on a device in regular use. USB sticks are good for moving digital files around but are not reliable storage devices. Magnetic tape is still around, but expensive. Archiving options are in flux. For a good article on your archiving options go here


Video conversions can be made to DVD and/or to mpg2 or mp4.

DVDs will play on any DVD player, mpg2 is a digital file that will play on anything from a TV down to a laptop, mp4s are more often played on smaller devices like tablets and smartphones.

Conversions can be made to other formats if desired, eg for Youtube, websites etc. Clients will need to bring along a USB stick or portable drive to take the digital file away.

DVDs can have menus, scene transitions and additional soundtrack if required. DVDs and jewel cases can be custom printed with attractive designs. This will add to costs. More often clients are happy without them.


Convert old videos to to digital mpg2/mp4 or to DVD with scene markers and cover art.

convert video tape to DVD or other digital formats


Vinyl to CD (with track markers and art) OR to mp3s for USB sticks or other media

Convert vinyl records to CD or mp3

Audio cassettes to audio CDs or to mp3s on removable media

Convert your old audio cassettes to modern digital formats