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Briar will turn her hand to a bit of cartooning and caricature for cards, gifts, presentations. Usually likenesses are good. Sorry you're not in on the jokes here, but you see the possibilities.

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Miscellanous cards for special occasions

 caricatures digital or printed
humorous art for special occasions, Lower Hutt

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Below: For a Japanese Professor at the publication of his book

Celebrating a teenager's first car

 cartoons, caricatures, art and humour, Lower Hutt

Well-wishes for a couple about to holiday on their yacht

caricatures, humorous sketches, Lower Hutt, Hutt Valley

Commemorating an Jewish scientist in Alabama. The cartoon went with a Scottish pipetune written in his honour


Humorous sketches and digital illustrations, Lower Hutt

For a novice Chinese dentist and her accident-prone assistant

caricatures and humorous digital art, Lower Hutt

For an abandoned Japanese guest

Special event for a jogging friend

The three cartoons below were done for an Australian legal team after they won a national case.


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humorous illustrations and caricatures