Words and Design, Lower Hutt, creates e-books


See Briar's Books for a lot more on self-publishing and e-books

People who go the trouble of getting their book printed often want to turn it into an e-book to give it international exposure on internet bookstores, particularly Amazon Kindle

Below, kindle e-books prepared by Words & Design from printed editions, and also converted into pdfs and epubs for downloading from websites

complex academic book with many diagrams prepared for Kindle

A challenging academic book of 300 pages, with chapter bibliographies, index, footnotes and many diagrams - reflowable. On kindle and on the author's website as downloadable pdf and epub

40 page book converted to an e-book for Kindle

About 40 A5 pages, mostly text with one full page diagram - reflowable on Kindle

interactive pdf for author's website

A children's interactive pdf on the author's educational website - fixed width

40 chapter book converted to a kindle e-book

A 142-page book, of about 40 chapters, all with small ornamental motifs throughout. Reflowable on Amazon Kindle

300-page book repurposed for Kindle and author's website

312 pages, mostly text with 4-5 diagrams - reflowable. On Kindle and on the author's website as downloadable pdf and epub